Monday, 23 January 2017

Your One-Stop Resource For Growing and Caring for Tulips

Picture a garden blooming with pretty and colourfultulips. Indeed, tulips make a wonderful addition to any home garden and they rate in popularity after roses and chrysanthemums. Plant tulip bulbs in beds or borders and they do just fine.
Autumn or fall season is the best time to plant tulips but if winters are mild, some growers may prefer to use pre-chilled bulbs. Tulips do well in both morning and afternoon sun. Avoid watering them too often as they do not like too much moisture. Hence, you must make sure the soil is well-drained, fertile, and dry or sandy. Protecting your prized bulbs from rodents is very important. Plant thorny leaves in the planting holes to deter mice. Sometimes just planting thorny plants may not be enough if the rodents are big and nasty. You may need to plant bulbs with a wired encasing.
Bulbs usually store a year’s nutrients they need for growth. Nevertheless, you can use compost, organic material, and good options of timed-release foods to keep the growth consistent.

Tulip flowers need that extra shower of love and care and they will not wilt for even ten days. Make sure you trim the lower ends of the stems that may have some leaves on them. This will prevent the leaves from coming in contact with water and encouraging bacterial growth. A tall container works best for the tulips to stand straight. Fill one third of the vase with water and put some floral food in it to deter bacterial growth. Tulips love to stay in the sun and usually turn in its direction. Hence, you must rotate the container every day for the stems to stay straight.

Let spring bloom in your home with lovely tulip blossoms being the focal point of your space.

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